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How To Stay Warm This Winter (Without Breaking the Bank)

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Nothing says ‘Happy New Year!’ like a high electricity bill. (Kidding! But seriously…) When the winter temps start going down, electric bills naturally start going up.  Thanks to the advancement of green technology, we can now invest in LED lights …

Power Outage FAQs

Power Outage FAQ’s – Your Questions Answered!

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Power outages can be scary and dangerous. To help you mentally prepare, we’ve answered some of the most common power outage-related questions. What are the effects of power outages? Many things will quit working during a blackout. These are some …

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15 Hearty Meals You Can Prepare During a Power Outage

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When we say preparedness, many people think of the end of the world and how they might have to survive with little to no supplies. In reality though, preparing is more likely to be for a temporary disaster. A small-scale …

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Choosing the Best Smoke Detector for Your Home: A Quick Guide

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The purpose of a smoke detector isn’t to prevent a fire (although it helps) but rather to alert the people so they can evacuate before the smoke or toxicity in the air overwhelms the building, especially if the individuals are …

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How to Communicate Without a Phone or Internet in a Disaster

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Have you ever been unable to get a hold of someone and started worrying needlessly for hours just to find out they were safe all along? Let’s imagine an emergency situation when thousands of people are trying to contact their …

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Does the Plumbing System Work When the Power Goes Out?

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When we think of a power outage we think of lighting candles and relaxing for a moment while we are unplugged from our TV’s and WiFi. An interruption to our plumbing systems is usually not something we even think to …