Build Your Family Emergency Plan

What is a family emergency plan?

A family emergency plan is exactly what the name suggests: it’s a plan to help your family cope and overcome emergencies and disasters.

What should a family emergency plan include?

Your family emergency plan should include:

  • A backup storage of water, food, and emergency supplies
  • A way to safely store and access important documents
  • A plan to contact friends and family in an emergency
  • A rapid evacuation plan
  • The knowledge of which natural disasters your community is at risk of, as well as how to mitigate and stay safe in the midst of them

There are other aspects of family preparedness to consider, but the ones just mentioned are a great place to start.

How to create a family emergency plan

Our one-of-a-kind customizable disaster plan walks you through the process of preparing your family for emergency situations. It includes:

  • Fillable forms, templates, and checklists (which we recommend you print and keep with your emergency binder)
  • Action steps that allow you to practice your plan
  • Complete guides to:
    • Long-term water storage
    • Long-term food storage
    • Putting together emergency kits
    • Getting in touch and reuniting with loved ones after a disaster
    • Protecting your important documents
    • Maintaining hygiene and sanitation during disasters
    • Alternatives to electricity
    • Preparing a 5-minute, 1-hour, and 1-day evacuation plan
    • Emergency shelter options
    • Securing yourself and your home before and during an emergency
    • Must-haves in case of a natural disaster and how to stay safe
    • Recovering from disasters and where to get help
    • And much more!!

Emergencies don’t wait and neither should you. It’s time for you to start making your emergency preparations now.

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