What does preparedness mean to you?

Storing potable water

  • Water is the most vital substance in the world. The adult human body is made up of 60% water and our cells need to be replenished in order to thrive.
  • Without water, we lose our ability to function properly. Your priority must be to learn how to purify and store drinking water.

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Emergency survival kit

Long-term food storage

Stockpiling food

  • Before deciding on any long-term food buckets, get informed by watching this short video
  • The human body can live up to three weeks without food. In an emergency, you need to feed yourself healthy calories to thrive.
  • Food is extremely important in keeping our bodies strong and able to perform necessary duties while in less than favorable situations.

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Learning first aid

    • Many people are used to going to the hospital for injuries. In an emergency scenario, there might not be enough medical personnel to assist you immediately.
    • It’s important to keep a first aid kit on hand, as well as a bug out bag with items for basic needs. Your life could depend on it! 

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Emergency survival kit

Homesteading and self-reliance

Finding shelter

  • Having a sheltered place to sleep is vital for keeping you secured from the environment.
  • If you’re bugging out, you might have minimal resources available to build a safe space to protect you from animals and potential looters.
  • Learn to build a shelter, especially when you’re in an inconvenient circumstance.

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Peace of mind is priceless
when you’re prepared for emergencies.

A family that prepares together
is destined to thrive wherever.

Emergency preparedness is not at all about zombies and doomsday theories.

Realistically, it’s an opportunity to learn invaluable skills alongside your loved ones.

It’s a chance to make a difference in your future.

What motivates you to have a plan?

I’m prepared because…

“I’m not invincible. Anything can happen to anybody. It’s necessary to take care of yourself.”
– Timothy Hughes

“In 2017 I lost everything I owned to a fire. I won’t ever be so unprepared again.” 
– Greg Thomas

“The stakes are high. It’s in my best interest to protect myself and my family. More importantly, it’s my responsibility.”  
– Sandra Gonzales

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The experiences we have, whether good or bad, shape us into the person we are today.

In an emergency scenario, we have no choice but to overcome extremely difficult situations. In return, we become resilient and much stronger than we ever imagined.

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