About Nadia Zbyszycki

In the summer of 2011, soon after obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I returned home to figure our the next chapter of my life. Before the summer ended, my dad had enrolled me in an intensive course on disaster relief with Crisis Response International (CRI). Little did I know that that course would propel my life with the incentive and drive to help people prepare for and recover from disasters.

In a short span of time, I went from having no emergency preparedness experience to becoming a first responder with CRI. But that was only the beginning!

In the months that followed, I became a disaster relief volunteer and course trainer for CERT- Community Emergency Response Team. Becoming a CERT member empowered me with more ideas, strategies, and the excitement to continue pursuing this as a full-time career.

Over the years, I obtained my HAM radio license as well as several certificates in discipleship and ministry. I've taken my training to the field on multiple occasions. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to volunteer in relief and recovery operations with organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and CRI.

Nadia Zbyszycki working at a disaster distribution center
[Here I was sorting clothes at a distribution center for evacuees.]

In the meantime, the idea behind Crisis Equipped was brewing. 🙂

Nadia Zbyszycki from Crisis Equipped doing ash outs at Paradise, CA
[Here I was assisting with ash outs after the Camp Fire in Paradise.]

Every post-disaster scene I have encountered has left me with a deep longing to continue learning about emergencies and the best possible ways to mitigate them. I have made it my life mission to find practical and effective solutions to preparedness problems that may seem to some like a burden more than a relief.

Although natural and manmade disasters are not entirely inevitable, our decisions today can play a huge role in a better tomorrow, regardless of the events that we have no control over.

Working in disaster relief has fueled my passion for helping people in all the stages of emergency preparedness. I’m grateful that this site has given me a platform to share the knowledge and experience I have. My hope is that you may benefit from it.

I must add that since my first disaster relief training in 2011, my dad has accompanied me in most of the courses and volunteer programs that I have attended. His vision to see people thrive in difficult times is what inspired us to launch this website together. He has been a constant support and pillar of wisdom for the content published here.

While my focus has been to create valuable content for those seeking solutions to their emergency preparedness needs on the web, my dad’s focus has been to provide the same resources for our mountain community through an organization he established called Big Bear Crisis Response Unit.

We want to thank you for being here and for doing your part to become crisis equipped!