Work Emergency Kits

The majority of adults spend at least one third of their time, or 8 hours each day, at work. With the unpredictability of disasters, I think it’s safe to say that there’s a huge probability that an emergency may occur while we’re away from home, and roughly a 33% or higher chance that something can happen while you’re at your place of work. An office emergency kit and get home bag are two important pieces of equipment to have.

If an emergency forces you and your colleagues to shelter-in-place at work, for example in the case of a nuclear threat or active shooter, then you may end up spending hours or days waiting for the “all clear” before you are released to go home.

Imagine that for a minute. If that happened to you right now, would you be able to sustain yourself for a day or two with the supplies you have at work?

Let’s consider another scenario. What happens if you’re in the city and there’s a major blackout. Your typical method of transportation would have been the metro but without power, you and thousands of other commuters are limited on options. You can either wait for hours to get on a bus, take a taxi and get stuck in traffic, or walk home.

How many hours would it take you to walk home from work? Would the harsh weather even make it possible? For the sake of your safety, having a plan to shelter in place at work is essential.

Note: There are many crossover items in the office and get home kits. Ideally, you should have at least one kit. If you’re able to have both, that’s a bonus!

Also note: The supplies in your office kit can be stored in a large plastic bin, but the get home bag needs to be a backpack that you can carry. The distance between your work and home is a major deciding factor between how big your bag has to be and how much gear you will need.

Action Step

Look over the office emergency kit and get home bag checklists found below.

Choose the kit that is best suited for you and your work situation. Build your kit and personalize it to fit your needs.

Then fill out the ‘contents list’ and keep it as a reminder of  when your supplies need to be updated.