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Let me take you on a preparedness journey!

Over the last nine years, I have been involved in many facets of emergency preparedness and disaster relief. I have trained and served with local and international organizations to help those who have been affected by such events. It always hurts me to see devastated homes and cities, but nothing is worse than having to watch someone who lost everything they owned come to terms with their new reality.

This is why my passion has grown to help people become ready in every way possible before disasters strike. The truth is, emergencies affect all of us. It is my hope that I can help you become equipped to succeed in the midst of them.

I also understand the complexity of preparedness. Where should one begin? Food prep? Water storage? Emergency kits? The list seems endless and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!

I have created this in-depth, yet extremely easy to follow, emergency preparedness guide with all the essentials in mind.

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Who is this guide for?

This is for anyone who is serious about putting their preparedness plan into action.

I know your circumstances are unique to you so your emergency plan will look different than everyone else's. For that reason, I have made this process completely customizable.

I'm not here to give you a bunch of lists and worksheets that will eventually end up collecting dust on your shelf.

I'm here to simplify the process of becoming prepared for future emergencies. I will walk you through every step of the way and allow you to adjust your plan to fit your exact needs. You will have access to more than 40 action steps and over 100 fillable templates and checklists which can be printed and updated at anytime.

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Emergency Preparedness Plan Template

This is what you'll get

An introduction to the Emergency Preparedness Made Simple manual plus helpful planning materials

We'll cover the basics

  • Long-term water storage
  • Long-term food storage
  • Emergency shelter options
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Alternatives to electricity
  • Building your communication and reunification plan
  • Organizing and storing important documents
  • Securing and protecting yourself, your home, and your finances
  • Preparing your 5-minute, 1-hour, and 1+day evacuation plan

Then, we'll dive deep into the supplies you should have

  • First aid kit
  • Everyday carry kit
  • Everything you need to know about evacuation kits
    • Standard kit supplies
    • Baby kit
    • Nursing mom kit
    • Pregnant mom kit
    • For toddlers and teens
      • Kid's emergency kit
      • Child's daycare kit
      • School locker kit
    • Considerations for those with special needs
    • Cat and dog emergency kits
  • Work emergency kit
  • Shelter in place kit
  • Vehicle emergency kit

We'll discuss each disaster type, tips to mitigate potential damage, and how to stay safe in the midst of them

  • Determining your disaster risk
  • Civil unrest
  • Earthquake
  • Extreme cold
  • Extreme heat
  • Flood
  • Hurricane
  • Landslide
  • Pandemic
  • Power outage
  • Severe storm
  • Tornado
  • Tsunami
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Wildfire

As a bonus, you'll get the following resources 

  • Ways to stay entertained (and sane) during emergencies
  • The best preparedness-related apps
  • Resourceful books for preparedness: non-fiction and fiction
  • Recovering from disasters and where to get help
  • How to volunteer in post-disaster relief

This guide is designed in a way that allows you to take it at your own pace so that the process doesn't become overwhelming.
It's also interactive so that your entire family can participate and it doesn't become boring.

Once you've completed all of the sections, your emergency plan will be complete!

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