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Completing all the sections of the guide

Our plan follows an outline. First, we cover the basics, then we discuss supplies, then the specifics of each disaster, and finally, some additional resources you may find helpful.

You’re free to complete each section in the order you wish, but for those who want to follow our outline, you can easily do so by clicking on the CONTINUE button at the end of every section. This button will take you to the next section, in the same order as is listed in the table of contents.

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Action steps

This guide contains over 40 action steps. These steps are mere suggestions but we feel may be helpful to keep you organized and on track.

Action Step

This is what an action step looks like.

Templates and checklists

Download buttons

This guide contains over 100 checklists and templates. They can be downloaded by clicking on the buttons that look like this:

Example buttonClick on these to download documents

Fillable documents

Each of the documents is fillable, meaning that after you download a copy, you can add your personal information and save them to your computer. The copies you save can be edited at any time.

This is an example of a Contents List— one of the many fillable documents you will find throughout this guide.

Example of a fillable document

When you hover over any blank text area, it’ll highlight the section in a light purple color. Click on the highlighted portion and type in your answers or information. Then, save the document.

Example of a fillable template

The checklists work the same way, except the check marked area does not change color when you hover your mouse over it.

Just click and a checkmark will appear. Click again and the checkmark will disappear.

Example of a fillable checklist

That’s all you need to know on templates and checklists!

Getting started

Ok, let’s do this!

Here is a starter set of templates where you can take notes, set short and long-term goals, and outline your plans by month-to-month priorities.

Take notes and set goalsClick to download template


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