• 10-15 year shelf life
  • Great source of antioxidants, manganese, fiber, vitamins A, C, E, and K
  • Easy to prepare, just rehydrate them in water for 10 minutes!
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Blueberries are not only extremely nutritious but can also be incorporated in many dishes. Spice up your breakfasts and desserts by adding blueberries to your pancakes, oatmeal, smoothies, muffins or fruit salad. Store these blueberries for times when blueberries are out of season at the store or when you go camping. Your options are limitless. Dare yourself to get creative with your long-term food preparation by adding flavorful and wholesome ingredients.

Blueberries are known to contain properties that combat cancer, diabetes and memory loss. They will become a great supplement for improving your health, especially during times of crisis.

Our blueberries are packaged in Mylar bags and sealed with a nitrogen flush and oxygen absorber to extend the shelf life of each pouch.

Rest assured, all our meals are:
βœ“ Non-GMO
βœ“ High in Fiber
βœ“ Low Fat
βœ“ Low Sodium
βœ“ Nitrogen Flushed Pouches
βœ“ No High Fructose Corn Syrup
βœ“ No MSG Added
βœ“ Uses Sea Salt
βœ“ Oxygen Absorbers
βœ“ Vegetarian Friendly

What’s included:

Choose one of the following:

  • 60 servings Blueberries
  • 360 servings Blueberries (6 pouches/ 60 servings per pouch)

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