Deep Well Manual Pump – 25, 50, and 100 Feet


When a disaster occurs, the first thing people rush to get is clean drinking water. This manual well pump is designed to provide you with a lightweight yet sturdy pump that easily adjusts to your well so you can have a constant supply of water in times of need. 

*All hardware included!



The wonderful thing about this pump is how simple it is to use. It’s effective design contains less moving parts therefore the likelihood of it getting broken decreases.

This innovative pump is not made from hard pipes, so it can be used in multiple places: in your well, in lakes and even streams. Don’t limit this pump to using it only at home – take it camping or on backpacking adventures too! It’s so easy to use that even kids can pump and get the water flowing. With some basic knowledge, you can effortlessly adjust the pipe to the necessary depth.

Hand Well Pump Features:

  • No assembly required: The only thing you may need to adjust is the pipe length, but other than that, remove it from the box and it’s ready to use!
  • Lightweight: The complete pump unit weighs less than 15 lbs. The hose is small in diameter to make pumping the water easier.
  • Flexible design: It’s easy to put in and remove from the well, but can be used in streams and lakes!
  • 1-Piece design: It is less affected by the cold weather and less likely to break.
  • Hidden storage: The pump can easily be stored inside the well housing or can be removed and stored in the garage. There are no holes drilled in your pump, nor a pump handle sticking out, so there is no way for children to trip over it. The easy storage design allows you to keep your pump safe from getting contaminated.
  • Easy to pump: Even kids can pump water effortlessly!
  • Adjustable length: With basic knowledge, you can adjust the length of the pipe to fit your needs. We have documentation available to help you!
  • Economical: About half the cost of what many of our competitors offer.
  • Dependable: The handle is made out of metal, and the rest of the one-piece design is made from stainless steel and aluminum parts. The only piece that would need replacement in the future are the o-rings, but it would take a few thousand pumps for that to be necessary. If or when a replacement is needed, all you have to do is unscrew the one fitting and replace the o-ring (those can be found at most hardware stores and the procedure can be performed by practically anybody).

Our deep well hand pump systems will adjust to either 25 ft, 50ft, or 100ft. Choose the length you need for your well!