Water Boxes with Fill Hose and Aquamira Water Treatment (30, 60, 120, 180, 360 and 1,440 gallons)


Water is the most important source for the survival of the human body. In any situation, experts suggest that we have a minimum of 1 gallon of drinking water stored per day.

These water boxes will become essential in any survival situation. Not only can you easily transport them, but they can be stored for 5 years if treated with Aquamira (included).



Some people prefer to store all their water supply in a large 55-gallon water barrel. The only problem with this is that moving the barrel is seemingly impossible because of its weight. We have simplified water storage for you with this easy water box kit.

In each box, you will find all the necessary tools to store and treat your water (for extended long-term usage) and easy access when necessary. Each stackable heavy-duty box protects a thick, durable and hard to pierce Mylar bag with a 5-gallon liquid capacity.

Aquamira treatment drops are included so that your water can be treated and safe to drink within the next five years. This minimizes the difficult task of emptying out and refilling large barrels of water. Note that the Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide treatment will purify and improve the flavor of your water. It will not create harmful byproducts, like other treatment options will (such as bleach).

A hose is included so the pouches can easily be filled from any faucet in your house. Once filled to its capacity, each box will weigh 40 lbs. When you need to drink the water, simply use the spigot so that you can use as much, or as little, as you need at the time.

Without access to clean drinking water, your chances of survival greatly diminish. Water is an essential element to consider when preparing your long-term emergency preparedness storage. These conveniently compact and portable boxes will make your water storage supply easier than ever! Enjoy the peace that comes with preparedness with these long-term water storage boxes.

Emergency Water Box Benefits:

  • 5-Gallon Mylar bags with built-in and easy to use spigots
  • Stackable, heavy-duty cardboard box
  • Aquamira 2-part water treatment
  • Filling hose
  • Water is NOT included

Choose how many gallons of water you would like to have stored, based on how many months you want to have water available for. For example: 

  • 30 gallons of storage will last you 1 month
  • 60 gallons of storage will last you 2 months
  • 120 gallons of storage will last you 4 months
  • 180 gallons of storage will last you 6 months
  • 360 gallons of storage will last you 12 months
  • 1,440 gallons of storage will last 1 year for a family of 4


It’s also necessary to learn how to filter and purify water, whether it’s rainwater or from a different source. Read this blog for a simple guide to filtration and purification methods!