Emergency Water Supply – 5 Gallon Box

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Clean drinking water during a time of disaster is not a choice, it’s a need. This convenient water box can be stored with the rest of your emergency supplies and will become essential in a time of need. With an easy access spigot, you can use as much, or little, water as you need at a time.


Most people agree that our bodies need one gallon of water per day in order to survive. Therefore, water should be a critical component of our preparedness supply. This kit comes with a thick, tough to puncture, Mylar bag where you can store your water in. It is protected in a heavy-duty cardboard box so that it can be easily stored. The box will protect the Mylar bag from sunlight, thereby extending the shelf life of the water and pouch.

Once filled, these boxes will weigh about 40 lbs. For those that cannot move it immediately, the spigot can be used to pour some water out onto another container. This is the most effective and portable water storage system available. Buying multiple containers of bottled water not only becomes bulky for storage but it also hurts the environment. This box is environmentally and storage friendly.

Water is NOT included, so be sure to fill it up with clean, drinkable water prior to storage. This box is easy to fill, convenient to store, and gives you and your family quick and clean water access.

Remember, water is an essential substance for your life!! Make the right choice and prepare for your family’s needs with this box today!

Emergency Water Box Benefits:

  • 5-Gallon Mylar bag
  • Stackable, heavy-duty cardboard box
  • Built-in and easy to use spigot
  • Water is NOT included


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