Eco Gel Kit: 20 Sticks and 10 Liner Bags


The Eco Gel Kit is the new method for the safe disposing of waste. It’s an ideal kit to take camping or have at home ready for any kind of emergency when your sewer services may be shut down.

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No one knows what future emergencies we may encounter but we know that going #1 and #2 are no option. Hygiene should be one of your greatest priorities in post-disaster situations. Whether you’re bugging in during a major power outage or you’re out camping in the woods with your family, make sure you’re prepared with a clean toilet option such as this one.

The Eco Gel works by pouring the powder directly on top of the waste inside of the toilet liner. In a matter of minutes, the waste will harden and solidify the moisture. This allows you to close the toilet liner and dispose of it without problems.

One gel stick is enough to treat one gallon of waste at a time. This kit will treat up to 20 gallons of waste.

The toilet is NOT included in this kit, however you can purchase the kit here.

What’s included:

The Eco Gel Sanitation Kit Includes –

  • 20 – EcoGel Sticks (each stick treats up to 1 gallon of waste)
  • 10 – Biodegradable Liners