16 Serving Freeze-Dried Entree Meals


  • 25-year shelf life
  • Approximately 400 calories per serving
  • Each meal is individually packaged
  • Easy to prepare, just add water!
  • Includes a variety of 4 entrees
  • Read the full description below
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If you’re interested in buying long-term food storage and don’t know which brand you’ll like the most, this is the perfect sample pack for you to try. This bundle features four of our family-favorite entrees!

Benefits of the 16-Serving Freeze-Dried Entree Kit:

  • 25-year shelf-life: Our freeze-drying method of food preservation allows our meals to stay fresh for up to 25 years without compromising the nutritional content nor the flavor. 
  • Best tasting: Our brand is nationally recognized for being one of the best in terms of taste and correct texture upon reconstitution. 
  • Meal variety: This kit offers four different meal options.
  • Nutritionally dense: We use premium ingredients that are full of vitamins and nutrients. We never use GMOs, HFCS, or MSG. 
  • Hearty and filling: Each packet contains four large servings, where a single serving provides nearly 400 nutritious calories.
  • Cost-effective: Each meal is valued at approximately $10.00. When compared to other brands, we offer you the lowest cost per pound of food.
  • Easy to reconstitute: Mealtimes do not have to be a hassle, especially when you have limited resources or are short on time. Each meal only requires water to prepare. 
  • Easy to store: Each entree comes packaged in a mylar bag that can be stored in a pantry, or any small space. 
  • Made in the United States!

Legacy Premium Food is a leading brand within the emergency food industry. We pride ourselves in providing healthy and delicious meals that will sustain you and your loved ones during any type of future emergency.

Now, don’t just take my word for it— try it out for yourself!

Rest assured, all our meals are:
✓ Non-GMO
✓ High in Fiber
✓ Low Fat
✓ Low Sodium
✓ Nitrogen Flushed Pouches
✓ No High Fructose Corn Syrup
✓ No MSG Added
✓ Uses Sea Salt
✓ Oxygen Absorbers
✓ Vegetarian-Friendly

What’s included:


  • 4 servings Pasta Primavera
  • 4 servings Enchilada Beans and Rice
  • 4 servings Stroganoff
  • 4 servings Classic Chili

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