350 Serving Coffee Bucket with French Press

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  • 25-year shelf life
  • 100% mountain harvested Brazilian arabica beans roasted in small batches
  • Provides your daily dose of caffeine
  • Easy to prepare, just add water!
  • Includes ten pouches for maximum freshness
  • Read full description below

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If youโ€™re like most of us, the best way to start your day is with a fresh cup of Joe! Satisfy your cravings with a rich and smooth coffee blend made from premium beans and roasted to perfection! Stay alert during any situation with this certified non-GMO coffee. The fresh, bold flavor will complement any survival storage foods you have. At just $0.37/cup you can make coffee part of your emergency food storage. Legacy Premium coffee has a rich aroma and tastes fresh. This bucket comes with a manual French press in case of a power outage during an emergency situation.

This coffee survival pack will provide 350 savory servings of your favorite morning comfort brew. It comes ground and packaged in Mylar pouches, including 20 filters. Each pouch yields 35 one-cup servings and is sealed with a nitrogen flesh and an oxygen absorber, to provide maximum freshness.

Rest assured, all our drinks are:
โœ“ Non-GMO
โœ“ High in Fiber
โœ“ Low Fat
โœ“ Low Sodium
โœ“ Nitrogen Flushed Pouches
โœ“ No High Fructose Corn Syrup
โœ“ No MSG Added
โœ“ Uses Sea Salt
โœ“ Oxygen Absorbers
โœ“ Vegetarian Friendly

What’s included:

  • 350 servings Freeze Dried Coffee

Lowest Cost Per Pound