Emergency 5-Gallon Water Storage Container


Portable water is a priority for survival. When any disaster occurs, have a backup of at least one gallon of water per person per day in your household.

These 5-gallon jugs allow you to safely store water for five years. They’re small enough that they can be moved around without difficulty. Read the full description to see the features of each kit.

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Water is an essential element to consider when preparing your long-term emergency preparedness storage. Without access to clean drinking water, your chances of survival greatly diminish.

Although many people store all of their water supply in large 55-gallon water barrels, it can become a bit inconvenient if the barrel ever needs to be transported. When filled, a container of that size can become extremely difficult, if not impossible, to move. These portable storage containers have been designed to simplify your emergency water solution!

These 5-gallon water jugs are safe to use. They’re made from food-grade plastic that is also BPA-free. The dark blue plastic limits the amount of light coming in through the container, thereby reducing the potential of any algae from growing.

You can fill each container with potable tap water and store them for five years. After that time, it’s recommended that you refresh your jugs with freshwater or treat the existing water to improve the flavor and remove any potential impurities.

With these portable 5-gallon water storage jugs, you no longer have to worry about evacuating or traveling long-distance without a backup of water storage! Get yours today!

5-Gallon water storage container features:

  • Food-grade plastic: Each container is made from food-grade materials that are also BPA-free. The dark blue color limits the sunlight from penetrating through to reduce the possibility of algae from forming.
  • Heavy-duty: These storage containers are made from heavy-duty plastic that is fit for long-term water storage.
  • Easy to store: These containers have ridges on the top and bottom to make them stackable. Each container measures 15″H x 10″W x 12”D and doesn’t require much space for storage. We recommend storing them upright.
  • Portable design: Each container has a built-in handle to make it convenient for transporting from one place to another. Although they weigh nearly 40 lbs. a piece when filled, they are highly portable and a great alternative to the traditional 55-gallon barrel.
  • Easy to pour: A vent cap is included to make pouring mess-free.
  • Water is not included.

10-Gallon water storage container features:

  • Two 5-gallon water tanks
  • 1 Spigot included: This attaches to the cap for simple pouring.

20-Gallon water storage container features:

  • Four 5-gallon water tanks
  • 1 Spigot included: This attaches to the cap for simple pouring.
  • Aquatabs water purification kit. This kit purifies water without leaving any harmful byproducts as bleach would.

30-Gallon water storage container features:

  • Six 5-gallon water tanks
  • 2 Spigots included: This attaches to the cap for simple pouring.
  • Aquatabs water purification kit
  • The 30-gallon kit is ideal for storing one gallon of water for a month for one person. Water is not included.


*** Recommended for upright storage ***