15 Gallon Water Storage Tank


If your heart is set on purchasing a water barrel, we believe this is your best choice! This heavy duty barrel is portable and cost-effective (in terms of shipping fees). It is made of BPA-free, food grade plastic that is thick enough to block the light thereby extending the shelf life of your water supply.

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If you’re in the middle of an emergency situation, it is vital that you have a few days’ worths of potable water readily available. This barrel is the ideal choice for water storage because its capacity is large while still being portable. Once filled, the barrel will weigh approximately 125 lbs. Another benefit of this tank is that its size won’t skyrocket shipping costs, as is the case with the 55-gallon (and larger) barrels.

15 Gallon Water Tank Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty, BPA-free, Food grade plastic
  • 15″ Diameter, 27″ high
  • 15 Gallon capacity (water NOT included)
  • Filled weight: approximately 125 lbs
  • 2 Pour and vent spouts with rubber gasket seals
  • 1 Heavy-duty carry handle on the top
  • Portable and reusable
  • Dark Blue – Restricts light and growth of harmful bacteria


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